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The COVID-19 Virus is wreaking havoc throughout the world and everyone is being asked to do their part to help contain the virus. 
We are ALL going through an unprecedented time in our lives filled with uncertainty, misinformation and good information. National, State & Local Governments are requesting that people comply with self-quarantines for 14 days to #FlattenTheCurve of the COVID-19 Virus so that our healthcare facilities are not overrun with patients who may be sick and require urgent ICU care with ventilators. There simply aren't enough hospital beds in ANY country in the world to handle a whole lot of people getting sick quickly. Some countries have had to make heart-wrenching decisions on what patients will be placed on ventilators and others won't. Basically, they are making decisions as to who lives and who dies.

 I don't want to be THAT person who potentially infects a client, a team member, or my family. Public Health & Government officials are taking this seriously, and so should we. Most of our patients are watching the crisis unfold on TV or social media and are scared themselves. 
Following recommendations by National & State Dental Associations, we're going to postpone all non-emergency dental procedures for the next three weeks.

During these three weeks, I will coordinate emergencies. That means anybody that is in acute pain or  has an infection(see the ADA link on the right). I will screen everyone that needs emergency dental care and see the patients who really needs to come to the office.  For all other matters email me at I  will respond promptly. 
The phone system is set-up now to connect you directly with me. Call (212) 750-3988 and press 2 if you have an emergency.
Hopefully, we can open again as scheduled in a world where the virus has been contained. If that doesn't happen, for whatever reason, such as a government shutdown or mandatory quarantine, then the team will be placed on unemployment until such time as our practice can reopen. They are fully aware of that possibility and we are all unanimous and on the same page. Life is too precious a gift to gamble with.


Dr. Madalina Manea


Please call NYC Dental Office first (212) 750-3988 ext.2  ( it will connect you with my cell phone number) or (646) 648-1287 (my cell phone number) in case of a dental emergency to see if you need to see an Oral Surgeon, an Endodontist or simply a prescription for antibiotics. By doing this I am trying not to overwhelm the specialists' with unnecessary phone calls. I am available for Telemedicine, to triage or advice for all my patients.