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HOLISTIC APPROACH:   Whole Body Dentistry

Very often people think of Holistic Dentistry as offering a magic natural cure for all their oral woes. We take a different view. In our practice, holistic dentistry means integrating all of the myriad factors that affect oral health and addressing them in a logical way based on existing knowledge. This includes issues of lifestyle, oral hygiene and emotional and mental health. It also means informing patients of the toxic and infectious burden that poor oral health can put on their systemic well being. A distinction is made as to how much scientific evidence exists to support the advice given.

Holistic Dentistry is not well represented by the use of unproven techniques simply because they sound esoteric and "holistic" or "natural". This approach undermines the value of the service we can provide and infringes on the assumed trust that patients have in us. The concept of wholeness is inseparable from quality dental care. One's self-esteem, self-image, financial well being are only some of the areas that are addressed with each patient.

By using techniques and procedures that eliminate or minimize the toxic burden from the oral cavity, we believe we can raise one's total wellness. Establishing an attractive smile can improve one's self-image and be emotionally and spiritually uplifting. Through a commitment to excellence in dentistry, we can bring a higher level of holistic health to our patients.

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